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Punch Park

This post introduces our new blog and website for Punch Park, originally inspired by nature, designed for life and made with love.

We want to offer a playground of ideas in lifestyle, innovation, fashion, and entertainment - parklife!

More and more it now forms the backdrop of urban lives, and we want to find out all about what people are doing to bring nature into our lives, whether its by using all natural fabrics in clothes, or cooking with organic foods, or using nature for inspiration for innovation and art, or maybe just enjoying your weekend at the beach or in the park!

We want more transperancy on where and how our fabrics and foods are made....are they ethically and sustainably sourced?

Apart from wanting to ensure the workers are safe and paid fairly, we are more and more interested whether the products we use and consume, and our environments are safe for our families - that they are free from harmful chemicals or toxins which we hear can affect our health.

I would like Punch Park to be a strong advocate improving our inner city lifestyle and offer a range of "statement" tees for our urban lifestyle.

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