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Get that spark back . . . . naturally

What sparks you into life?

Brisk morning walk?

Your morning coffee?

Unexpected beauty?


I am inspired by nature and love to get reminded us how amazing this world can be.

Even if you live in the city, you can still stay connected to the natural world.

Some of our best experiences are probably not that far away.....we just need to take the time to 'walk the dog', 'breath in deeply', 'smell the roses'

(and the coffee!!) and 'step softly' on the dewy morning grass (its actually meant to be good for your body and soul too!

Earlier this year I saw the "Apostles" during a trip from along the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and the road to Adelaide. The sheer size of the rocks and the coastline just stops you in your tracks, and you can walk down to the beach where and you feel like a small speck in a great universe. Its just amazing!

Whats the most amazing natural wonder have you seen? We would love to hear about it!

We travelled further along the Ocean Road and had a beautiful short stay at Drift House in Port Fairy.

It was the most wonderful visit.

They had an open fire ready for us, and delicious supper with local produce (including wine) as we arrived late from sightseeing. This place was so special it certainly gave my spark back!!

The style is relaxed but presentation was impeccable - the owner was a retail visual merchandising expert, and you can see why she was so good at her job, with all the attention to detail she put into the rooms.

The design of the apartment was modern but incorporated natural wood to warm it up.

Great understated taste- its a must if you are planning a trip in the area.

Port Fairy is a pretty little coastal fishing town with fab old bookshops and cafes.

We need this little escapes and I feel that theres nothing better than nature to make you feel really relax, regenerate and get that spark back!!

If only this could be everyweekend!! PP

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