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Radio Show - Phil Punch remembers 1966

A couple of weeks ago Phil Punch, Sydney Music Engineer/Producer was guest on Peter Dasent's Sydney Eastside Radio show, "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" , to discuss Phil's musical memories of 1966 - the year that Peters favourite artist Frank Zappa's released "Freak Out".

Phil's passion in 1966 musically speaking was everything coming out of STAX RECORDS. Working as an office boy in 2UE Sydney at the time, the station was sent all the new 45's from the U.S., much of which didn't get mainstream airplay in Australia, but it did get listened to by Phil, who was blown away by much of the music, and he became obsessed by the unique and raw sound of STAX records.

This radio show is fantastic to listen if you haven't heard it before, or if you would like to revisit. It formed the basis of so many other artists work- it includes Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, and Bob Dylan.


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